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Welcome to Pandi Steel and Alloys Private Limited

Thiru Muthukannu Kathiresan has found the Firm Pandi Tools Mart in the year 1982 at Madurai. The Firm was established with the Mission to cater the needs of Industries in and around Madurai for their requirement in Engineering Tools and Machinable Steel Products.

Over the years the scenario in Madurai has changed rapidly and makes us to structure a Steel Products Division named Pandi Steel and Alloys Private Limited in the year 1999. Since then We sell more than 500 sizes of Steel Products in Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Non-Ferrous and Polymer Materials.

With Well-Motivated Employees, Innovative Material-Handling Techniques and Timely Delivery, the firm has crafted a good reputation among the Industrial people. We are proud to have various clientele bases from Automobile, Food Products, Rubber Products and Textiles Manufacturers in South TamilNadu.

With the grand success with our Business Model and continous support from our Customers, we established as a Company named "Pandi Steel and Alloys Private Limited" in the year 2014. We continue to strive hard to satisfy our customers with consulting on Materials and its application.

Our Clients

  • Akberali Industries
    Akberali Industries
  • Beemarani Engineering Works
    Beemarani Engineering Works
  • Birundha Industries
    Birundha Industries
  • Deva Industries
    Deva Industries
  • Hari Haran Industries
    Hari Haran Industries
  • IK Engineering
    IK Engineering
  • JPA Lathe Works
    JPA Lathe Works
  • Mahindra Tools
    Mahindra Tools
  • Manickam Engineering Company
    Manickam Engineering Company
  • Marx Toolings
    Marx Toolings
  • M.N.B Industries
    M.N.B Industries
  • Pralcka Engineering Company
    Pralcka Engineering Company
  • Ravikumar Lathe Works
    Ravikumar Lathe Works
  • Sastha Engineering Works
    Sastha Engineering Works
  • Sathyam Engineering Works
    Sathyam Engineering Works
  • Sharp Engineering Works
    Sharp Engineering Works
  • Sri Venkatesa Lathe Works
    Sri Venkatesa Lathe Works
  • Silver White Industries
    Silver White Industries
  • Vinayaga Engineering
    Vinayaga Engineering
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